Thai Canapes Menu

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Baytree caterers can provide Thai cuisine catering for all occasions. Fresh, fragrant and cooked by hand in our kitchens using authentically sourced ingredients, our Thai selection is ideal for everything from a light business lunch to a gourmet wedding banquet.

Choose from …

Por pia thod

Crispy vegetable spring rolls with woodear mushrooms.

Served with sweet plum sauce. (V)

Marinated chicken wings with tamarind

Flash fried marinated chicken wings cooked with a soya, honey and sesame glaze.

Served with a tamarind dip.

Duck pancakes

Shredded aromatic duck wrapped in pancakes with julienne of leek, cucumber and carrot.

Served with a hoisin sauce.

Sweet and savory Thai corn fritters

Delicious Thai fritters made with a fresh coriander, sweet potatoes and corn.

Served with a chilli and peanut dip. [v]

Tangy tempura pak

Tempura battered vegetables served with a

tasty and tangy lime and mustard mayonnaise. [V]

Satay Gai

Grilled Chicken Skewers served with a spicy peanut satay dipping sauce.

Pork curry pie

Thai Green Curried Pork with Fresh Coriander Encased in Puff Pastry

Mushroom tartlets

Assorted Mushrooms cooked with oyster sauce and sweet thai Basil.

Served in individual short crust pastry casing.

Crispy prawn wontons

Prawns cooked with rice wine vinegar, shallots and fresh ginger and served in a crispy wonton shell.

Auld lang Thai

A delicious reworking of the humble Scotch Egg. Quails eggs encased in a Thai spiced pork mince and wrapped in breadcrumbs.

Gently fried until gloriously golden.

Red curry cocktail sausages

Made to our secret (ish) recipe by our very own butcher. Minced lamb, kaffir lime leaf and red curry paste.

Isan pork cocktail sausages

Pork mince cooked with jasmine rice, galangal, kaffir lime leaf, fresh chillies and garlic.

Thai golden triangles

Sweet Potatoes, sweet corn, shallots and garden peas with fragrant spices and sesame oil.

All folded very neatly and served in a crispy thin pastry.




Everything we make is sourced from our own suppliers, cooked in our own kitchens and served 100% fresh for your event. We love food !